All Things GemStone

GemStone Diffusion

GemStones are used for many reason and one of the newest ways GemStones are used is by Diffusion. They actually add diffrent elements to the molecularstructure of the gem.
There are a couple diffrent ways the elements are added:

Human Skulls Carved From Crystal And Gemstone

Yes, there are actual carved GemStone Skulls in this world. Man they freaked me out you really have to see these

5 of the most expensive gemstones

  1. Red Diamond - $1,000,000 per carat
  2. Taaffeite - $35,000 per caratt
  3. Serendibite - $18,000 per carat
  4. Diamond - $15,000 per carat
  5. Alexandrite - $12,000 per carat